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Herbal Healing Salves 2oz

Herbal Healing Salves 2oz


Organic herb, beeswax, organic olive oil, lavender

Herbal salves are wonderful for soothing skin irritations, dryness, and inflammation. Avoid using salves on deep wounds and cuts.

**Calendula- wound healing, anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, antifungal
Rashes, stings, wounds, burns, scrapes, chicken pox.
Calendula is an all around “medicine for your skin”, that we use daily. Super gentle for all skin types.

**Plantain- one of the best healing herbs on the planet. Antimicrobial, anti inflammatory, analgesic. Soothes insect bites and superficial wounds, helps prevent infections and accelerate healing.

**Comfrey, Arnica and White Willow-Pain and inflammation

Comfrey-fractures, wounds, tendon, ligament and muscle pain, sprains, lower back pain, arthritis, soothes inflamed and irritated skin due to allantoin.
Please note- do not use comfrey on broken skin or open wounds. Comfrey should only be used topically up to 10 days in order to avoid bioaccumulation.
In folk medicine, comfrey was common in Europe, known as “knitbone”.

Arnica- I first heard about arnica when pregnant with our 2nd baby when our midwife suggested I bring some to the birth center. 🙂
Offers a natural alternative to conventional pain medicines. Arnica addresses the underlying conditions that cause pain (more so inflammation), urging the body to heal itself. Arnica works without the risks and side effects of conventional pain medicines. Arnica was first used in the 1500’s to treat pain.

White Willow- proven to be one of the most potential anti-inflammatory chemicals from an herbal origin. Has been widely used to relieve pain. White willow has salicin which makes it powerful for pain relief. Similar to aspirin; it’s effects are slower but more durable and safe.


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